About Future Skills

The Future Skills Podcast was created by Mikael Syding, the European Hedge Fund Manager of the Decade (2000-2009) (pictured right) and Ludvig Sunstrom, author of Breaking out of Homeostasis (pictured left).

The goal of the Future Skills Podcast is to provide you with the business and career skills you need to future-proof yourself.

The idea is that you can listen to 2-4 episodes on the way to work, while preparing your meals, at the gym or when you’re going for a walk… and learn new, actionable ideas and tips for your business or career every week.

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The Future Skills Team

Mikael Syding


  • Former Manager of Futuris, the European Hedge Fund of the Decade (2000-2009).
  • Outperformed the financial market with 600% over 10 years.

Read his personal blog MikaelSyding.com

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Ludvig Sunstrom


  • Author of StartGainingMomentum.com and the book Breaking out of Homeostasis
  • His articles have been read by over 2 million people.

Personal website: LudvigSunstrom.com

Oskar Faarkrog


Read his personal blog SkinnyFatTransformation.com

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