E44: The 5 Global Problems and 5 Big Technologies

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Episode Summary:

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big technologies
  • One side of the 5×5 matrix shows the 5 global challenges and problems and the other side shows the 5 key domains which can solve these challenges and problems.
  • This produces 25 industrial niches where you can work.
  • The 5 technological domains will converge and become the same in the end, however for the next 25-50 years it helps to think of them as separate entities.
  • The energy problem is the most important because all of our problems could be solved if we had access to cheap and free energy.
  • AI is the key technological domain right now because it can power robotics, biotech, nanotech and 3D printing.
  • Right now, Google is in the lead of AI with DeepMind.
  • Robotics and automation: In order to get more work done and better we need more robots and automation.
  • When we have robots that can develop better robots we will get exponential development.
  • Nanotechnology has 2 domains: Passive and active.
  • Active: Minuscule robots. For example, you shoot someone but then he self-heals.
  • Passive: Materials technology like graphene.
  • BioTech and 3D Printing: Use 3D Printing to print static materials like metals and plastic but you can also print living cells. Load up the printer with living heart cells then print a heart for a heart transplant. You can then use biotech to trade living cells. In a few years this may become a reality.
  • Opportunities related to space: space mining (very popular with a lot of money). space elevators, re-usable rockets and asteroid defence. We are currently bad at stopping asteroids and it’s hard to make money in this domain.
  • Opportunities related to computing and programming: Companies that make parts for Quantum computers will make big money. The shift to quantum computing will most likely create new players in the computer market. Quantum computing programming will be a huge opportunity for programmers.
  • BONUS: 5 extra areas of opportunity:
  • Motors and actuators: An actuator is a component of a machine that is responsible for moving and controlling a mechanism or system, for example by opening a (valve). In simple terms, it is a “mover”.
  • Psychology/emotion sensing and manipulation: Devices that monitor your feelings so you can make better decisions.
  • Surgery.
  • Health care.
  • Pandemics.

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