Future Skills Program

By Mikael Syding, the European Hedge Fund Manager of the Decade and Ludvig Sunstrom, author of Breaking out of Homeostasis

Apply For A Risk Free 30 Day Trial on The Future Skills Career and Finance Program:

  • The next round of the Future Skills Program starts on 7 March 2021 and applications close on 28 February 2021.
  • We will personally reply to your application to make sure that you’re a good fit for the program.
  • 37 videos and PDF documents with homework assignments on how to get into the top earners in your country while maximizing your career satisfaction and later how to grow your money to financial independence with Syding’s investing framework.
  • 2 rounds of personal coaching where you can ask Mikael Syding or Ludvig Sunstrom questions.

If you’re accepted to join, the program lasts a total of 19 weeks and you will get new videos and PDF assignments every week.

The first half of the program is a career module where Mikael Syding and Ludvig Sunstrom will teach you how to maximize your career satisfaction and earnings. To be specific you will learn how to:

  • Get ahead faster in your career by working on the right things and prioritizing your time in superior ways.
  • Retain your edge over your competition and when to change focus.
  • Make yourself more valuable and find the right opportunity for your skillset.
  • Choose your initial area of specialization (and follow-up game plan for expanding on it) or go the entrepreneurship route. 
  • Get a deeper understanding of the different paths of specialization and entrepreneurship to ensure you make the right choice. 
  • Build a powerful network by contacting important people, befriending them, gaining a mentor and maintaining your network.

This module consists of 21 videos and PDFs.

Personal Coaching: At the end of this module, you will have the opportunity to ask your 5 most important career questions to either Mikael Syding or Ludvig Sunstrom (your choice).

The second half is a finance module where Mikael Syding will teach you how to invest the money you earn from your career to become financially independent. To be specific you will learn Syding’s investing framework that he used to outperform the market with 600% over 10 years as the Hedge Fund Manager of the Decade:

  • Syding’s Screening Process: The Most Effective Key Ratios To Screen For Attractive Stocks. 
  • The 4 Pillars of Not Losing Your Money.
  • The FAMINE 5 step investment process: Filtering, Analyzing, Modeling, Investing, Evaluating.
  • How to shorten your learning curve as an investor by developing an analytical process you can improve upon.
  • How to find your best-suited investment style based on your talents, interests, temperament, and risk-tolerance.
  • How to discover lucrative business ideas with fundamental analysis, technical analysis, psychology, and statistics.
  • How to manage risk to reduce long-term losses.

This module consists of 16 videos and PDFs.

Personal Coaching: At the end of this module, you will again have the opportunity to ask your 5 most important investing questions to either Mikael Syding or Ludvig Sunstrom (your choice).

What’s the difference between the Future Skills Finance program and our other program Finanskursen.se?

The Future Skills Program is in English. Finanskursen is in Swedish.

The finance module of the Future Skills Program gives personal advice for building an investing framework and understanding market psychology (assumes you will learn it through trial and error).

Finanskursen covers a broader range of standard financial material.

The Future Skills Program requires you to complete homework assignments and reflect on your answers. Finanskursen does not.

Student testimonials:

Alexander Nielsen:


“Just wanted to say a big thanks as I have recently started at a Behavioural Economics consultancy doing a split of new client acquisition and consulting work! This was one of the top careers I defined for myself whilst going through the Future Skills program so far. Thank you for all your feedback on my responses as they helped me clarify what I wanted from the role and I believe this came through strongly in the different interview stages.”

Newvick Lee, Software Developer:

“An important part of a great career is finding mentors or even peers to connect with. The part of the program on networking was helpful because of the homework that was provided. In one exercise I went through the list of people I wanted to get to know in my ideal field (machine learning and NLP), and made a strategy of reaching out to them. I was able to receive useful advice from a self-taught machine learning engineer from a well-known technology company. Although not everyone replied to me, I now have a long-term strategy for connecting with people I want to know. I joined the program because I was in the beginning stages of a career shift from healthcare into software development. Although I had a general idea of the technical skills I wanted to develop, I knew that having a great career was not just about technical skills. It includes deciding things like what to specialize in, and what mentors to find. It was an easy decision to join the Program because I was a long-time reader of Mikael and Ludvig’s blogs, and a listener of their podcast. I knew that they spoke from experience and long periods of study. Their advice has helped me in many occasions as well. The videos were clear and since each only covered a specific idea, it was easy to follow along. The videos and homework assignments of the Future Skills Program complemented each other quite nicely. Since both Mikael and Ludvig would reply after each time I submitted my homework, it really forced me to think clearly about my homework answers and write succinctly. Their answers to the homework questions was a crucial part of the course.”

Camilla Holmström:

“I spend a lot of time reflecting on the assignments I get from you. Future Skills Program has helped me incredibly much in my personal progress and in finding my strengths and figuring out how I can make better use of them. You have helped me more than I can ever explain. I hope to be able to remain in contact with you for a long time going forward.”

Andreas Thorsson Aaro:

“You guys are together with my partner the best source of positive energy. Future Skills Program is a good antidote to avoid losing momentum. Every FSP-homework takes about 2+2h for me to complete (should be 30+30min, I know), but this is very valuable to me, hence the extra effort. I recognize that what you guys are doing here is a massive work and giving so much time and effort to us all is very generously.”