Future Skills Program Schedule

Sunday 14 April 2019:

* Specialization: Specialization 101
* Specialization: Top 5 Reasons Specialization Works
Sunday 28 April 2019:
* Specialization: Assuming You’re New to a Field, What Should You Specialize In?
* Specialization: The Ultimate Purpose of Specialization
Sunday 12 May 2019:
* Specialization: Balancing The Objective With The Subjective
* Specialization: Become “T-Shaped” (Jack of All Trades, and Master in at least One)
Sunday 26 May 2019:
* Advanced Career Advice: Four Ways to Financial Independence: The Hyperspecialist
* Advanced Career Advice: Beyond Hyperspecialist, The Partner or Generalist CEO
* Advanced Career Advice: Compounding Your Gains, The Investor
Sunday 9 June 2019:
* Advanced Career Advice: Psychological Ironman, The Entrepreneur
* Advanced Career Advice: Keeping The Edge: Staying Sharp and Retaining Your Edge
Sunday 23 June 2019:
* Advanced Career Advice: When to Change Jobs
Sunday 7 July 2019:
* General Career Advice: The 4 Capitals
* General Career Advice: How to Build the 4 Capitals
Sunday 21 July 2019:
* General Career Advice: 3 Ways to Become a Linchpin (Irreplaceable at Work)
* General Career Advice: Before Specializing or Changing Jobs, Interview an Expert First
Sunday 4 August 2019:
* General Career Advice: Go Where You’re Needed (Low Supply, High Demand)
* Networking: Networking 101
Sunday 18 August 2019:
* Networking: How to Meet the Right Business Contacts
* Networking: How to Find A Mentor
Sunday 1 September 2019:
* Networking: How to Balance Your Social Life With Work
* BONUS: The 4 Best Ways to Build a Strong Network and Become a Highly Networked Individual
* Finance: The Three Foundations Of Superior Investing: Strategy, Patience & Managing Losses
Sunday 15 September 2019:
* Finance: Powering The Feedback Loop Of Systematic Investing
* Finance: The Competency Ladder Of Investing & Controlling Your Emotions And Minimizing Mistakes
Sunday 29 September 2019:
* Finance: Understanding Intrinsic Value, Statistics And Psychology: Fundamental vs. Technical Analysis
Sunday 13 October 2019:
* Finance: Controlling And Evaluating Your Investment Style: Traders, Investors And Gamblers
Sunday 27 October 2019:
* Finance: Identifying Your Investment Style: Grit Or Focus, Time Constraints, Numbers Or Charts
Sunday 10 November 2019:
* Finance: The 4 Pillars Of Not Losing Your Money: Strategy, Diligence, Patience, Cool
* Finance: Pillar 1: Crafting A Strategy That Can Be Evaluated And Refined
* Finance: Pillar 2: Doing The Math, Verifying Replicability & Assuming Responsibility
Sunday 24 November 2019:
* Finance: Pillar 3: Patience To Finalize Your Research & Wait For Optimum Entry And Exit Points
* Finance: Pillar 4: Checks And Balances That Counter Your Counterproductive Emotions
* BONUS: Mikael Syding’s 4 Pillars
Sunday 8 December 2019:
* Finance: The FAMINE 5-Step Investment Process (F+A): Filtering And Analyzing
Sunday 22 December 2019:
* Finance: The FAMINE 5-Step Investment Process (M+IN+E): Modelling, Investing & Evaluating
Sunday 5 January 2020:
* Finance: The Most Effective Key Ratios To Screen For Attractive Stocks
Sunday 19 January 2020:
* Finance: Key Ratios Summary: Features And Drawbacks of Using The Best Key Ratios
Sunday 2 February 2020:
* Finance: Syding’s Screening Process: A Practical Stock Search; Using P/S, Growth Trends, Margins, Balance Sheet And CEO Comments