Welcome to the Future Skills Program!

The way the course works is outlined below (make sure to save this important piece of information in your commonplace):

Every 2nd Sunday you receive private Dropbox links to 1-3 course videos and a PDF document for each video that includes an outline of the video together with homework assignments.

The first send out will be shortly after you sign up (max 2 days).

The quantity of videos differs each time because it depends on the length of each video (some weeks you will receive 1 long video and other weeks you will receive 2-3 shorter ones).

For example, if you get 1 video, it’s usually a video that’s longer (+9 minutes in length), whereas if you get 3 videos it’s usually shorter videos that are less than 4 minutes.

You can see a sequence of when each video will be sent below:

Sendout 1:

* Specialization: Specialization 101
* Specialization: Top 5 Reasons Specialization Works
Sendout 2:
* Specialization: Assuming You’re New to a Field, What Should You Specialize In?
* Specialization: The Ultimate Purpose of Specialization
Sendout 3:
* Specialization: Balancing The Objective With The Subjective
* Specialization: Become “T-Shaped” (Jack of All Trades, and Master in at least One)
Sendout 4:
* Advanced Career Advice: Four Ways to Financial Independence: The Hyperspecialist
* Advanced Career Advice: Beyond Hyperspecialist, The Partner or Generalist CEO
* Advanced Career Advice: Compounding Your Gains, The Investor
Sendout 5:
* Advanced Career Advice: Psychological Ironman, The Entrepreneur
* Advanced Career Advice: Keeping The Edge: Staying Sharp and Retaining Your Edge
Sendout 6:
* Advanced Career Advice: When to Change Jobs
Sendout 7:
* General Career Advice: The 4 Capitals
* General Career Advice: How to Build the 4 Capitals
Sendout 8:
* General Career Advice: 3 Ways to Become a Linchpin (Irreplaceable at Work)
* General Career Advice: Before Specializing or Changing Jobs, Interview an Expert First
Sendout 9:
* General Career Advice: Go Where You’re Needed (Low Supply, High Demand)
* Networking: Networking 101
Sendout 10:
* Networking: How to Meet the Right Business Contacts
* Networking: How to Find A Mentor
Sendout 11:
* Networking: How to Balance Your Social Life With Work
* Finance: The Three Foundations Of Superior Investing: Strategy, Patience & Managing Losses
Sendout 12:
* Finance: Powering The Feedback Loop Of Systematic Investing
* Finance: The Competency Ladder Of Investing & Controlling Your Emotions And Minimizing Mistakes
Sendout 13:
* Finance: Understanding Intrinsic Value, Statistics And Psychology: Fundamental vs. Technical Analysis
Sendout 14:
* Finance: Controlling And Evaluating Your Investment Style: Traders, Investors And Gamblers
Sendout 15:
* Finance: Identifying Your Investment Style: Grit Or Focus, Time Constraints, Numbers Or Charts
Sendout 16:
* Finance: The 4 Pillars Of Not Losing Your Money: Strategy, Diligence, Patience, Cool
* Finance: Pillar 1: Crafting A Strategy That Can Be Evaluated And Refined
* Finance: Pillar 2: Doing The Math, Verifying Replicability & Assuming Responsibility
Sendout 17:
* Finance: Pillar 3: Patience To Finalize Your Research & Wait For Optimum Entry And Exit Points
* Finance: Pillar 4: Checks And Balances That Counter Your Counterproductive Emotions
Sendout 18:
* Finance: The FAMINE 5-Step Investment Process (F+A): Filtering And Analyzing
Sendout 19:
* Finance: The FAMINE 5-Step Investment Process (M+IN+E): Modelling, Investing & Evaluating
Sendout 20:
* Finance: The Most Effective Key Ratios To Screen For Attractive Stocks
Sendout 21:
* Finance: Key ratios summary: Features And Drawbacks of Using The Best Key Ratios
Sendout 22:
* Finance: Syding’s screening process: A Practical Stock Search; Using P/S, Growth Trends, Margins, Balance Sheet And CEO Comments

After you watch the video and read through the PDF, we want you to complete the homework.

Be sure to keep your answers short and on to the point — first write it out and then edit the text. (This helps you think in a more clear and structured way).

At the end of the course you can sign all your completed homework assignments to our email TheFutureSkillsProgram [at] gmail.com

Also, there’s a risk that our email addresses get marked as spam by popular providers such as Yahoo and Google and thereby don’t even get delivered.

To prevent the deliverability issue, you need to add our sendout email address to your contact list inside your email (and if needed, move our emails from the spam or junk folder to your main one):

Here’s the email address we send the videos from: [email protected] 

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