Your Career is The Most Important Life-Investment Decision

Here is a step-by-step guide of pointers we have put together in order for you to gain the most value possible out of the Future Skills Program.

Think through each point carefully as you make a mental note of how you will make the best possible use of it.

1) Understand what you are getting.

Consider Future Skills Program as a complement to your education, career or business activities.

Put simply: You are being taught a unique framework for career, self-improvement, and decision making. You are also coached by us on the course material.

2) Understanding Coaching and Mentorship.

If you have never had a coach or mentor, the general idea is this:

  • A coach provides guidance – meaning: honesty and no sugar-coating.
  • A coach provides perspective (an alternate viewpoint) to help you reframe or improve your goals and decisions.
  • A coach provides feedback on the actions you take and the results you report, and suggests improvement.

But keep in mind only those who take action can be helped.

And keep in mind that the more action you take, and the more important your ideas or decisions are, the higher the value of coaching becomes.

3) Understanding the Value of Accountability.

A coach also keeps you accountable.

The first thing we do is to follow up on each part of the course material with homework assignments.

We do this to ensure you have: (1) watched and read the material, (2) understood it, and (3) implemented it. By doing this, there are no excuses. Even the person with the most busy and hectic schedule will be able to make time and keep up.

The second thing we do is to follow up and keep you accountable on the goals and decisions you have committed to, over the long-term.

The value of accountability for creative people, entrepreneurs, and those who have ADD is tremendous.

Even highly disciplined and conscientious people benefit from accountability (who wants to let their team mates down by failing an assignment or missing an important deadline?)

4) Understand the Value of Multiple Perspectives.

You are getting 3 unique perspectives: Mikael, Ludvig and Oskar.

5) Understand the Value of Investing Into Your Career.

The most important decision you make will be what kind of career you pursue, and the way that you pursue it.

For this reason, we dedicated three modules to the most important decisions when it comes to leveling up your career:

  • Specialization: Everything you need to know about specializing in your career, including benefits and drawbacks.
  • General Career Advice: How to take extreme action outside the workplace to rise through the ranks faster, build a network, and make more money than peers.
  • Advanced Career Advice: How to join the top 5% (top-performer, partner, hyperspecialist) – after age 30.

The second most important decision for most people is in investing money.

So we made a (long!) module on that too. Here are three important parts from it:

  • Investing Fundamentals: The proven principles used time and again to make money on the market.
  • Buying Low & Selling High: Understanding intrinsic value, statistics and psychology: fundamental vs. technical analysis.
  • Self-Knowledge & Risk-Management for Investors: Identifying your investment style – what you must know about yourself to avoid the worst mistakes and financial risks.

6) Understand That We Hold Rights — And Will Use it Respectfully.

It should be noted that $97 per month is a more than fair (cheap) price for access to coaching by us. For this reason, we will likely have to raise the price and/or limit the number of available spots in the near-future, as a way to keep up with demand and ensure we have enough time to allocate to students, and maintain an even level quality. In the event that this happens, early and long-term students will be given precedent and preference over new students or existing applicants, to prove that we are not trying to screw anyone over.


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