Announcing The Future Skills Contest Winners

In this post we’d like to announce the winners of the Future Skills Contest.

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who participated and rated our podcast.

We really appreciate your rating because the ratings help us reach a bigger audience inside iTunes.

Second, here’s a summary of what the winners will get:

  1. A 15 minute Skype Video call with either Mikael Syding or Ludvig Sunstrom where you can pick their brain on any topics you’d like.
  2. 3 bottles of ArcticMed Omega-3 fish oil. (The best fish oil in Europe. Valued at 100 USD).

Here are the winners:

  • AARON ROSSITER, United Kingdom
  • ERIK SALL, Sweden
  • JOHAN LINDEN, Sweden
  • RENE HERMANNS, Germany
  • ROBERT POPE, United Kingdom

Congratulations to everyone who won and we hope that you get useful insights for your career and business during your video consult with Mikael or Ludvig.

Your ArcticMed Omega-3 oils will be shipped this week and you will receive a confirmation email as soon as the oil is shipped.

Oskar Faarkrog

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