[E6] Alexander Bard: How to Grow Up and Become an Online Success

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“The digital underclass is not empowered in any way except for creating victimhood cultures where victims are temporarily allied with other victims to go after people that are successful.”

Episode Summary:

  • – Innovations in India and the western world are very different.
  • – India is copying less now and becoming more innovative than south east Asia
  • – India: Good at data flows.
  • – India and China is far ahead of the curve in some areas.
  • Putting together the right team is so important.
  • – You need talents that are complimentary.
  • – The leader in the hunting team is the best hunter but the assisting leader is a generalist who knows what everyone is good at so he can help delegate tasks. This generalist doesn’t do much else but he’s very important.
  • – We are moving into a very confusing age with a lot of chaos and conflicts that must be resolved. The only way to resolve those conflicts is to first know what they’re about so you go straight to the root of the cause.
  • – A good example of a time where there was a lot of chaos and conflicts was the time leading up to world war 2 where eventually hundreds of millions of people were killed.
  • – What are the current sign posts now?
  • – The biggest sign post is the infantilization of society.
  • –  People are not going through the rite of passage where the child becomes accepted as an adult by the community.
  • The rite of passage is important because otherwise the child becomes a narcissistic and infantilized human being.
  • – The infantilization of society is the tragedy of our time.
  • – Root causes: 1) Nanny state (Sweden) and 2) Consumer state (US).
  • Consumer state > Obesity in USA > People cannot stop eating despite being fat > Children.
  • – Nanny state > Social justice warriors > Victimizing themselves > Only OK when you’re a child.
  • – Matriarchal love: everyone is good and everything you do is good. We need that love during our first year of life. But after that we do not need it.
  • – Phallic love (after phallic intrusion): Conditional love. It’s connected to reality. Stand up to your acts.
  • – Phallic gaze: Love from an adult when you’ve done something correctly. In today’s society they don’t get it because they’re always told everything they do is good.
  • – Instant gratification, no hard work.
  • – Then people go to social media to get the phallic love without having developed their skills but when they don’t get it they feel bad.
  • Internet is a matriachal structure: It only rewards value. However people think they can just create a Facebook account and get many likes. However reality is that 95% of people get very few likes or followers because what they’re talentless people who say things that are cliche. That’s why so many people have become frustrated. The backlash against everything the Internet has “promised” has started.
  • – Infantilization is a race to the bottom.
  • – Make victimization heroic is bad for society. Then race to the bottom kicks in.
  • – Dangerous movements are driven by utopias. Hitler, Mao and Stalin.
  • – You need a theory of what unites people together. Either a group is driven by a fetish or an abject.
  • – Fetish: A totem pole is a fetish. We will get to utopia together. Company brand is a fetish. That fetish drives the company.
  • – Abject: A hated object. Hitler and the Jews. Find someone to blame and hate. Leads to disaster.
  • – Hitler: Failed artist and blamed Jews on it > became a politician and killed Jews using the reason that they’re evil and inferior people > When Russians proved to be stronger than Germans he shot him self.
  • – Opposite (fetish drive): Moses lead his people out of Egypt. Messiah.
  • – Tragedy: There are very few real leaders who are Messiahs but plenty of fake leaders that are abjects.
  • – Where can the internet go next: After a long time of chaos, the chaos itself becomes phallic. We pull ourselves into different places in the chaos that we call nodes. We unite with people that we can relate to. Befriend the people who speak the truth.
  • – Some nodes are built upon abjects.
  • – If you’re dystopian like Hitler you can only become popular temporarily because soon people discover that you foster a culture of victims and nothing can be more boring than going to a party full of victims. They can create a big following briefly but they don’t stay the long course.
  • – The nodes that survive a long time are those that grow slowly but gradually and which build upon fact checking. We’re going for the facts in every debate. Those nodes become more credible because they’re tired to reality. They’re phallic structures. It’s through reality that I love you.
  • – The phallic constructs always win in the long run.
  • – Typical phallic construct: Skyscraper. We cannot feel our way towards building it. We must know the facts and have real experts.
  • – Netocracy networks: Strong nodes based on fetishes / phallic structure. The people that can differentiate between quality and non quality are going to create strong networks in between them and these networks are going to be extremely powerful and successful.
  • – Before Snowden: 95% of the worlds internet traffic was going through America. Now it’s down to 40% because people don’t trust America.
  • – Glitch in the matrix documentary: Kathy Newman and Jordan Petersson interview. She got totally destroyed. She focused on minor details instead of his big picture stuff and that made her come across as unprepared and dishonest. Jordan has been trained to be honest because he’s on online medias where honesty is valued while she has been trained to be dishonest, use theatrical language and frame arguments in her favour.
  • – Typical TV discussion pitch: Can you represent this specific opinion?
  • – YouTube, podcasts, webcasts: Honest discussion where the speakers are open to change their opinions when new
  • – TV: Become a joke or like a dinosaur compared to online.
  • – Hillary Hilton during US election: Everything was staged and theatrical.
  • – Trump during US election: Charismatic. Scarecrow of establishment.
  • – People didn’t vote for trump because of Trump but because of Hillary Clinton’s staged personality.
  • – Jordan Petersson doesn’t fit in anywhere in the matrix. This is why he is the glitch in the matrix.
  • – Blue church (TV and pop media): don’t like people who irritate the matrix like Jordan Petersson. They try to censor and block him. Perfect example of someone who is a loser but tries to using their last strength to kill you.
  • – SJWs already acknowledged they have no arguments against Petersson but they want to block and censor him so they can continue sucking the tit.
  • – TV people think they can just put up a website and direct people to their TV. Big mistake to not utilize the new media. They thought the Internet was an extension of their existing media. They thought it’s not a new medium but just another tool for marketing.
  • Attention society: whoever gets the attention and can keep the attention gets the power.
  • – Attention beats capital because capital will always go to where attention is but attention doesn’t have to move to where capital is.
  • – Attention today is where truth and quality are because people need truth and quality to guide themselves through the chaos.
  • – Intelligent machines and intelligent people find each other.
  • Future proof yourself: associate yourself with good networks, prove yourself, contribute, provide value and become part of networks that will protect you and keep you sound.
  • – Society thinks of you as a child and will reward you very easily with hamburgers and golden stars. Then you become obese and you corrupt yourself.  Then you wonder why no one wants to hang out with you or sleep with you.
  • Adultification: If you never had a father you need to find a new role model regardless of how late it is in life so you can start repairing yourself. Read books, go to gym and eat healthy. Your relationships with both men and women improve. Fruitful collaborations, sexual relationships.
  • Don’t have a relationship with someone who is still infantilized because they will just drag you down further.


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