E11: Use it or lose it; making the most of your Biological Prime Time

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Episode Summary:

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  • This is the most important productivity tip.
  • You have good hours and bad hours within the day.
  • Find the high productivity hours (Biological Prime Time).
  • Some people are night owls but for most people this is in the morning around 1 hour after waking up.
  • You have roughly 4 hours of Biological Prime Time (BPT).
  • BPT should be used on uninterrupted, deep and meaningful work where you push your cognitive abilities to the limit.
  • Don’t do errands during BPT. Do high value tasks that require your full focus. Tasks such as writing and research.
  • Even more important to utilise BPT on bad days so you at least get something done.
  • How to make better use of BPT: Make a realistic schedule or to do list everyday before going to sleep. Schedule your deep work during BPT and errands outside BPT.
  • Making a schedule will not only help you get more value out of each day but also make you calm when going to sleep.
  • Good habit: Take a walk when transitioning from your BPT activity to errands and listen to a few episodes of Future Skills while taking a walk.

– Oskar Faarkrog

We are right now creating the Future Skills Program which will be an online video course covering decision making and risk management with weekly homework and evaluations.

* Why decision making and risk management? Because better decisions and risk management equal better finances, better relationships and an overall better life.

* Decisions are the foundation of everything you do and the outcome you eventually get.

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