E15: The Top 3 Health Tests You Should Do (Stay in Peak Condition & Prevent Illness)

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Episode Summary:

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3 preventative health tests to stay in peak condition:
– Full hormonal panel.
– Vitamin level tests.
– Fatty acid tests.

Doing these tests has the following purposes:

  1. If something is off you can take action, correct it and thereby improve your performance.
  2. If you feel great and your blood work looks great you can save the blood work and use it for future reference. This is important because as you get older there’s a very high chance that your energy levels and health will deteriorate and this will most likely show in the blood work. Then you can go in and look at your numbers when you were healthy and work on raising the numbers back to those levels.
  3. Doing these tests gives you a feeling of control and that will lower your stress levels.

In most cases, if some tests are off you can optimise your training, sleep and diet to dial them back in.

Hormones: Cortisol, thyroid and testosterone control the emotions and feelings inside you but they also respond to your emotions and feelings inside your body.

In other words, you can be in a positive feedback loop or a negative feedback loop.

By doing these tests and ensuring that you have healthy values you will think positively about your health and that will most likely reflect in your blood work as well. This is why in many cases placebos work equally well to a real drug.

A lot of people get stress wrong. Stress is not about how you feel. It’s about the stress inside your body.

You can be stressed without feeling stressed.

You can feel calm and confident while having a lot of stress inside your body.

This is why doing blood work is so important.

Vitamin levels: If vitamin levels are off it’s most often because your sleep, training and diet are off rather than needing to supplement with pills.

Fatty acids: Shows health of cell membranes. Cell membranes transmit your hormones so even if you have good hormonal levels it may not mean too much if they can’t be transmitted properly because cell membranes block the transmission. They’re the shell around every cell inside your body.

Doing blood tests is not about making you immortal or curing big things like cancer or Alzheimer’s. They’re preventative measures.

Good tip for preventing Alzheimer’s: Go for a walk at least once per day.

– Oskar Faarkrog

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  1. This is excellent advice. I have kept a blood work file for a few years and have used it to present to Doctor’s who insisted I needed treatment for a complaint I did not have and could prove this with my previous blood results. Not all Doctor’s are happy that I ‘run my own medical file’ as they put it but it is my body, my health and I wish to be in control of it not just a number lost in the system and prescribed that latest pharmaceutical money orientated drug.

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