E19: Get More Important Work Done—Tools and Systems with Sebastian Marshall


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Episode Summary:

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  • Sebastian measures everything related to his work. He can tell you what he did down to a 5 minute block the last 18 months.
  • Doing the advanced measuring stuff requires a lot of extra time and you get just a 3% advantage. Doing the most important measurements doesn’t take much time and can give you very important insights.
  • A great thing to measure is sleep and how a certain amount of hours affects your productivity and creativity.
  • Sebastian found that after 1 night of bad sleep he has no problems.
  • However after 3 bad nights he falls out of his routine and starts taking on bad habits. He stops meditating, eating well and doing deep work.
  • Also, Sebastian found that when he needs to do creative work he needs 9.5 hours of sleep however for taking meetings, being social and doing errands he needs just 7.
  • Some pro athletes sleep 10-12 hours to optimize performance.
  • The key take away: Most people need somewhere around 7-9 hours of sleep, however your sleep needs will also depend on what you do on a daily basis. If you’re training hard and doing very stressful work your sleep needs may be much greater than the average person.
  • Mikael uses aluminum foil on his windows to make his room completely dark. This improves the quality of his sleep.
  • Another great thing to measure is how much time you spend doing the most important thing in your life because most people spend minimal time doing their important work.
  • If you can do 4 hours deep focused work on your most important task per day, you are ahead of 95% of people.
  • Tracking how much time you put into each task is most beneficial for artists and entrepreneurs who have to wear 5-7 hats because often the most important deep work task is neglected.
  • Sebastian does not use WiFi at home. Forces him to do creative work first thing in the morning and go to sleep early.

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