E2: How to Double Your Creativity (for less than $30)

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Episode Summary:

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  • Double your creativity by matching your mood to your work.
  • Certain days you have more creativity.
  • When you feel creative, do as much creative work as you can in that time because creative work is one of the most valuable future skills. (In contrast, non-creative tasks that can be automated are becoming less valuable each year).
  • Ludvig Sunstrom: Tracked when he was creative in a big visible calendar he hung up in his room to find patterns for 3-4 weeks. Found no pattern. Can’t force creativity out.
  • Mikael Syding: Throughout his career in finance he was always swarmed with work. He never had the chance to cater his work to his mood.
  • Tips for increasing creativity: Have a commonplace system where you write down ideas and go on long walks.
  • Figuring out when you need to do your creative work is even more important when you have bipolar or ADD / mood swings.


We are right now creating the Future Skills Program which will be an online video course covering decision making, building the 4 Capitals, and other actionable tips for improving your life and career. It will include weekly homework and evaluations.

The course will be presented by Mikael Syding, the European Hedge Fund Manager of the Decade 2000-2009.

* Why decision making? Because better decisions and risk management equal better finances, better relationships and an overall better life.
* Why the 4 Capitals? Because most people are deficient in at least one of them, but can easily build the others if already high in another.


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