E22: Create a Review File [For Your Work, Studies, Investing & Creativity]

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Episode Summary:

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Spaced repetition is one of the most valid and fundamental learning methods. If you learn something you must repeat it otherwise you forget it.

When you stumble upon information, lessons or images that are important to remember you want to put them in a review file and review the file periodically.

The review file is a virtual summary with information, images, videos and lessons that have to be reviewed periodically.

It’s a controlled availability bias which helps you avoid evolutionary mismatched biases.

How to create a review file:

  1. Start a commonplace system.
  2. Create a systematic way to organise things and ideas you’ve learned.
  3. Compile the best things into the review file. Include links to deeper documents if needed.
  4. Set periodical reminders for when to review the file.

4 different ways to organise a review file:

  1. Creative professional: Inspiring scrapbook with things that inspire you visually.
  2. Marketer: Swipe file with best ads, sales letter and product pitches that are historically proven to work.
  3. Business man or investor: Favourite case studies in different industries.
  4. Other people: General summary of best learning material.

Most of the value of the review file is the first time you put it together. It teaches you to think in a more structured way where you filter the most important information into one important file.

Learn more about creating your own review file (and much more) in Ludvig’s Ultimate Commonplace System.

– Oskar Faarkrog

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