E23: Alexander Bard on Psychedelics and Success (Part 3/3)

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Episode Summary:

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Psychedelics for spirituality:

A lot of pathological problems should be treated with psychedelics rather than drugs.

Psychedelics give you a spiritual experience with other people.

They are the shortest route to spiritual experience and a good alternative to going to church.

Yoga and meditation and cold baths are alternatives but they take a much longer time to learn.

Psychedelics are strong.

You must sit down with someone who has a lot of experience with psychedelics without becoming an addict.

A spiritual psychedelic experience will affect you. You will speak more clearly and see the world from several perspectives.

One of the most useful psychedelics is ayahuasca.

It’s best to go on an ayahuasca cycle to increase the chances of having a spiritual experience because sometimes ayahuasca won’t work.

Ayahuasca is lethal when combined with cocaine, however by itself it’s not lethal.

Psychedelics should be legalized and they should not be a Schedule 1 drug in America because they are not addictive or lethal.

Legalization will help the government get tax money and remove the black market.

Psychedelics should not be in the same class as narcotics. Just like alcohol and narcotics are 2 groups.

Ketamine is a powerful anti depressant. If you get addicted it likely means you have untreated depression.

America has an opiate epidemic. 66,000 people are dying each year from opiates. The new synthetic opiates are 50 times more potent than heroin.

Heroin itself is not that lethal. You can live until you’re 85. But synthetic ones can kill you because you can overdose. You never know how much is inside.

Happiness and contribution comes from: 1) Good relationships and 2) Spiritual experiences.

If you like to be alone a lot find other people who like to be alone because we’re social creatures after all.

Pursue the thing you can be great at which you enjoy.

If an industry is too crowded and you don’t see yourself doing well in it, it might be better to do something else.

If you’re a creative person experiment with different medias to see which one you naturally excel at.

Ludvig’s Success theory for 21st century:

  • Focus on strengths
  • Focus on your preferred medium of communication
  • Avoid working with weaknesses

If you collaborate with a partner who also follows Ludvig’s theory for success you will achieve an exponential growth effect together.

On success:

You will be good at certain things at certain ages.

  • Rockstar peak: 20-40 years old
  • Philosopher peak: 40-70 years old

Success requires a lot of luck and timing.

Some people have breaks when they’re young but can’t maintain them. E.g. a lot of young musicians.

Some things require experience therefore you will be more likely to succeed when you’re older. E.g. writing movie scripts.

Other things require physical strength so you will be more likely to succeed when younger. E.g. sports.

– Oskar Faarkrog

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