E23: Alexander Bard on AI, Sex Robots and Matriarchy (Part 1/3)

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Episode Summary:

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Current social paradigm: It’s hard to question it without being crucified.

Jordan Peterson is a truth sayer and he’s taking a big risk by speaking his mind.

If you’re a real truth sayer you will say the truth regardless of what can happen because it’s the truth.

Machine intelligence is already happening.

Machines can find each other and combine their knowledge in a way humans can’t.

Robots: If one robot knows something, all robots will know it. This is much more powerful than the human way of learning.

It takes only 300 points to know more about someone than they know about themselves. Facebook already has billions of data points about everyone.

Smartphones are already in our hands all the time. We’re merged with smartphones.

A species that can’t secure its own survival is not so intelligent at all. We may be intelligent on the inside but not on the outside.

We’re likely to kill our selves eventually with atomic bombs.

Machines will quickly tap into our desires because our desires are banal.

Sex robots will replace the perfect sexual partner.

Men and women will not need each other for sex, reproduction and companionship because these needs will be satisfied by technology.

Men and women are good at different things because different mindsets are needed.

Occupations and gender:

  • Vision and strategy: Usually straight men and lesbians.
  • Product leadership, multitasking and communication: Women and gay guys dominate.

We can create children in laboratories so women will not need to give birth. As a result, they can pursue careers more.

Women have a lot of qualities men don’t have but which are necessary for society. In the past, women did not get paid well for their qualities however this is gradually changing.

Patriarchy: Social system where men hold the primary power positions in political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property at the specific exclusion of women – at least to a large degree.

Matriarchy: The same as above but where women hold the power.

The problem with patriarchy: Excessive competition, tyranny and corruption.

The problem with matriarchy: Nothing gets done. Everyone just sits in circles.

Ideally, you will combine matriarchy and patriarchy to get the right balance where competition is high and stuff get’s done but without the corruption and tyranny.

– Oskar Faarkrog

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  1. Like I’ve said before, I think artificial intelligence already exists. We don’t know it because we’re inside of it, looking for something as puny and limited as our own intelligence.

    Facebook is just the tip of the iceberg. Our cars and phones and credit cards track our every move, and there are cameras everywhere (even in orbit). We’re not only more conformist and anti-thought than Orwell’s dystopia, we have much better surveillance.

    Anyone who thinks women are good at multi-tasking has never seen a woman driving.

    We won’t kill ourselves with atomic weapons, not in any foreseeable future. There may be nuclear terrorist attacks, which will help consolidate the police states.

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