E24: The Best of Myers-Briggs – the world’s most popular personality test (and what it means for you)

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Episode Summary:

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The Myers-Briggs test is the worlds most popular personality test.

It’s a great tools for increasing awareness about yourself.

In the test there are 4 functions that you will be evaluated on:

  1. Introversion and Extraversion.
  2. Sensing and Intuition.
  3. Thinking and Feeling.
  4. Perceiving and Judging.

Based on these 4 functions, there are 16 personality combinations.

The 4 functions explained:

  • Introversion and Extraversion: Do you want to be alone or with friends most of the time?
  • Sensing and Intuition: Are you organising info (making sense of something) based on what you sense in your environment like a physicist, or are you “distant”, somewhere else, daydreaming, dwelling in the subconscious like a shaman?
  • Thinking and Feeling: Are you questioning why things are this and that way, analysing what it can lead to like a philosopher — or is your mind quiet, you’re in the moment and kind of grounded? If you’re mostly a
  • Perceiving and Judging: Are you open-minded and ready to see something new, or are you close-minded and just want to affirm/strengthen what you know?

The test is a good starting point but you should not rely solely on its result.

After making the test you can look at the different functions and choose for yourself what fits best for you.

3 pieces of advice from Ludvig:

  1. You have a natural homeostasis personality however you may have a different personality when you break out of homeostasis. The Myers-Briggs test likely shows your homeostasis personality.
  2. If you’re a thinker you must do regular physical exercise and meditation to quiet your mind.
  3. If you’re a feeler, you must read more books to improve your analytical and critical thinking skills.

You can take the paid Myers-Briggs test here and the free version here.

– Oskar Faarkrog

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  1. I have just taken the Myers-Briggs test and I am just totally blown away regarding it’s accuracy, its really is extraordinary. I have a high level of insight into my own personality and have never seen such results reflected back, it makes you re-assess yourself, the traits you suspected you possessed but did not really want to own are there in black and white staring you in the face so be warned!

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