E36: How to Think Differently (Like Arnold & Stephenie)

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Episode Summary:

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  • When something becomes a big success it’s often because it breaks all the rules.
  • Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight franchise: She broke the rules by making a story with nice and compassionate vampires who have stronger feelings, love and passion.
  • The books sold 120 million copies and the movie franchise made 3 billion dollars.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger: He didn’t have the best muscle insertions for bodybuilding but he had the motivation to study his opponents. He took ballet courses to be graceful like a cat on stage. He would look at his competitors best body parts. Then he emphasized the body parts they didn’t have.
  • It pays to break the rules sometimes.
  • First you want to practice thinking differently in the small things.
  • For example, walk in the middle of the road rather than sticking to the sides.
  • How to differentiate your thinking:
  • 1) Learn and know things other people don’t know by consuming different information from most other people. This will differentiate your thinking and emotions.
  • 2) See things differently and more broadly than others. If something is happening in the world you can have a different point of view.
  • 3) Analyse information differently or better.
  • Better: Mikael Syding always double checks and does the math again.
  • Differently: Quantitative instead of qualitative analysis.

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