E42: Dr Philippa Malmgren. How to manage the next big thing (Dr P is a robot entrepreneur, presidential advisor, author…)

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Episode Summary:

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  • A digital currency will likely kill the black economy, eradicate old debts and make taxation automatic.
  • One of the most important topics in the world right now is the ubiquitous gathering of data.
  • Your smart phone tracks which floor you work at in a building, your walking gaits to predict cardiac health (even without using fitness apps), physical use of space in a hotel room and emotional response to different videos and images on your phone (this is done through the camera in the phone).
  • In the past this type of information wasn’t very useful by itself, however now artificial intelligence enables us to connect the dots.
  • For example: Is the stretch of road you drive on prone to accidents? If so, you may be charged a higher insurance.
  • Banks already use AI to predict when a divorce is coming in a household by looking at expenditures.
  • Then they drag down the credit limit of the lower earning partner.
  • Data will track your eating habits to see if you can be insured.
  • The news we read are driven by the algorithm. We only get more of what we already read.
  • It’s important to maintain diversity. By tracking everything and putting people into boxes we reduce diversity and force people to conform.
  • Do one thing everyday that takes you out of your comfort zone and makes you more diverse. Walk new path to work, eat new food.
  • You can’t have a civil society without a civil dialogue.
  • The Chinese are building a computer with 1 million times the computational power of the planet to manage their social credit scoring system.
  • With a powerful computer you can break other peoples codes: nuclear code, financial system code etc.
  • The biggest danger for political leaders is that advisors and people close to them don’t say the truth.
  • One of the most difficult skills is to write a memo to the president every single day. Half a page outlining the topic and a few options to choose from.
  • Einstein said that creativity is the residue of time wasted.
  • Operate at 80% efficiency everyday. If you’re operating at 100% there’s no mental space for emergencies or creative thinking.
  • The creative solutions never happen when you’re working or in meetings. They happen during washing dishes, gardening etc.
  • By operating at 100% efficiency you will experience more accidents and burn outs and less creativity.
  • In companies, the culture is far more important than the strategy.
  • In most companies, meetings are won by those who speak first and loudest.
  • On average, men are often confident speaking up when they know 40-60% while women wait until they’re 100% certain and double checked everything.
  • This leaves out many quiet yet potentially very useful voices.
  • If you shift meetings to equal speaking time you also hear the quiet voices.
  • Overall, the company culture should promote real competence over confidence.
  • People shifted from wanting to buy things to buy experiences.
  • We’re moving to experience based living instead because experiences last longer in the mind.
  • The problem with inflation: Inflation is an average measure of a certain basket of goods. However, if your goods aren’t in that basket, the measure isn’t very useful to represent reality.
  • The current data shows inflation yet everyone is talking about how they can’t afford rent and health care. Over time the anecdotal stories will show up in the future data.

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  1. The terms “AI” and “machine learning” are being diluted . Using a model to predict divorce is not AI, it’s modeling. You can do it with any statistical software or even a spreadsheet.

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