E27: Our Favorite Physical Tools For Better Health And Productivity

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Episode Summary:

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Kindle paper white e reader: It’s important you get the paperwhite version because it feels like ordinary paper.

Upgrade your WiFi and computer if it’s slowing down your work because you likely spend so much time working.

Bose Noise Cancelling In Ear Headphones: Convenient for listening to podcasts, audiobooks and music without hearing any outside noise.

Envelope shaped bedsheets: These are specifically designed to stay in the corners of your bed.

Electrical Toothbrush: Superior for dental health compared to a regular toothbrush.

Laser Printer: Convenient when you need to print out notes and other things. You should be able to find a decent one for around 100 USD. When choosing a laser printer, be sure to consider the ink refill cost.

Whiteboard and markers: Write down important notes, messages and goals on your whiteboard so you’re constantly exposed to these. We recommend you buy one for the office and one for your home.

Bathroom stool: It’s unnatural to take a dump from a sitting position. It puts too much strain on your anal canal and thereby greatly increases the risk of developing hemorrhoids. By placing a stool in front of the toilet you can evacuate yourself from the squatting position which is the healthy and natural way to do it. In addition, you will get the benefit of loosening up your hip muscles which get tight from long periods of sitting down.

Foam roller: Use it regularly to loosen up tight muscles.

Digital bathroom scale that can measure body-fat: Measure bodyweight and body-fat to see trends in your overall body-fat levels. It’s important to note that these scales do not provide an accurate body-fat number, however they can show trends. If you constantly see your body-fat level going down each month, it likely means you’re getting leaner.

Portable laptop stand with cooler: By using a laptop stand with a cooler you can place the laptop on your legs and work comfortably from almost anywhere including a bed.

From  episode 16 — Avoid Chronic Stress.

From episode 15 – the Top 3 preventive health tests to do:

  • Vitamins and minerals. –(Werlabs for Sweden.)
  • Hormonal tests (testosterone, estrogen, thyroid, cortisol, etc)
  • Fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, 9 etc.) —Arcticmed.

– Oskar Faarkrog

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  1. The link did not lead to a scale claiming to report body fat, but I’d ditch scales anyway and just use a tape measure.

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